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Name:  Dion J. Viventi
Date:  Sunday July 11, 1999 4:57:22 PM
Comments:  WoW! what an excellent Web page Steve. It's great to see such dedicated alumni-ship if thats a word. Beta Delta should get an award for best Zebe homepage. It's great to see that my big bro is working for a felow Beta Deltan, Yooo the Lizard lives!

Name:  Dion J. Viventi
Date:  Thursday July 1, 1999 3:28:18 PM
Comments:  I'm glad to see that Beta Delta is back again! Who & Where do I send allumni donations to?

Name:  Chris Cerullo
Date:  Monday June 28, 1999 3:29:26 PM
Comments:  was a brother of ZBT (before the house burnt down) from 1990-on, graduated w/ political science degree in 1993, Still keep in touch with the brothers now. Great experience, may visit one day.

Name:  Frank Sternberg
Webpage: http://members.aol.com/SternZBT/sternzbt.html
Date:  Monday June 28, 1999 3:29:00 PM
Comments:  Beta Delta is back at Rutgers and I'm ready to party! Hope to see you all at Homecoming '99 event on October 9. Great job to Steve Springer on web site work! Join our Beta Delta list serve at onelist.com if you haven't already.

Name:  Joe Medica
Date:  Friday June 25, 1999 3:29:51 PM
Comments:  Cool site. A little heavy on the graphicas makes it slow, but still pretty kick ass. Do you still need help or food donations?

Name:  Steve Springer
Webpage: http://twintowersdesign.com
Date:  Friday June 18, 1999 3:30:24 PM
Comments:  When we say we are a non-pleding fraternity, we mean it. Ask us how we can do it when no else will try. As we say in the fraternity- "it's great to be a Zebe." -The Ringmaster
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