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Name:  Steve Wertheimer
Date:  Wednesday September 22, 1999 3:11:12 PM
Comments:  Here's a cheer from 1957. Sorry that 26 Union is no more, but glad that ZBT is still on Union Street. I hope to lead a drive to memorialize Joe Glaser and Mom Potter with a plaque in the new house. They are the heart of the old tradition and should be mentioned to the new folks. CF&S

Name:  Sabrina Paris
Date:  Tuesday September 14, 1999 6:07:31 PM
Comments:  I am a founding member of the Beta Delta Little Sisters (started in 1974 so you can see how old I am). An alum and I (R. Garry Mundy, 1977--now a trustee)were discussing the old days and I thought I'd check the website out. I like the no pledging policy a lot (having been a victim of the pledge fathers'little plots a few times--I really think that's what they kept us around for). So anyway, have fun, kids, and enjoy!

Name:  Spencer Suriano
Date:  Monday September 13, 1999 9:52:40 PM
Comments:  Just passing through time...nothing really new, just gained weight.

Name:  john archer
Date:  Thursday September 2, 1999 9:11:48 PM
Comments:  lookin forward to hangin with you guys. hope to make ZBT a powerhouse at Rutgers!!

Name:  Michelle Foulds
Date:  Monday August 30, 1999 12:52:58 AM
Comments:  Steve, you did a great job on this website. Keep up the good job and good luck this year to your fraterntiy.

Name:  Steve "Bram" ZBT ZX Brother
Date:  Sunday August 22, 1999 8:37:03 AM
Comments:  What's up to all my fellow Zebes at Rutgers. Great Job with the site. All the best luck to u guys. Remember Friend are just friends but brothers are born from adversity. POWER HOUSE OF EXCELLENCE!!! ITS GREAT TO BE A ZEBE!!! Cordially, Fraternally & Sincerely, Steve "Bram" #62

Name:  Cecil Sprung
Date:  Monday August 2, 1999 3:23:34 PM
Comments:  great site, my first time here

Name:  Robert Linden
Date:  Monday August 2, 1999 3:21:56 PM
Comments:  Hello all Zebs!

Name:  Sebastian Leitich
Date:  Friday July 30, 1999 3:26:51 PM
Comments:  Great page, Steve! You're a zebe leader for sure, even if your harem needs...well...evaluation. No army can withstand the force of an idea whose time has come. VICTOR HUGO. The idea of Brotherhood has come, and zebes and others, with the help of ringmaster, such as yourself, will see it to fruition.

Name:  Richard Amigh
Date:  Tuesday July 13, 1999 3:27:22 PM
Comments:  Congratulations on your web site and being part of the 21st century. There was no such thing as internet, web page, microsoft, etc. when I was at Rutgers, ZBT (shows what an old guy I am). I hope you guys keep up the great tradition, so my 4 year old son can be a ZEEB in another 13 years!
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