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Name:  Frank Sternberg
Date:  Thursday November 1, 2001 2:54:35 PM
Comments:  Great site so far Steve. Who knows, maybe you can get a career doing this stuff! Just kidding, I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into this and other alumni endeavors. You're a good zebe, and someday you'll be listed among the "famous alumni".

Name:  April Yost
Date:  Tuesday October 30, 2001 11:42:18 PM
Comments:  P.S. I love the half-ton family!

Name:  April Yost
Date:  Tuesday October 30, 2001 11:22:58 PM
Comments:  Hi guys! Just browsing the OFSA website directory and I saw your page. It looks great. Congrats on your initiation, Duff! You're the best little brother ever. Love, April

Name:  Richard
Date:  Friday July 13, 2001 12:34:23 AM
Comments:  i am a student at rutgers and my dad was telling me about a kid named jacob who is a ZBT brother here from Cook, but he is not on the list. i wanted to call him if he really is a brother to ask him about rushing ZBT here as my dad said he was the man to talk to, can you help me?

Name:  Ravi
Date:  Friday April 6, 2001 9:49:21 PM

Name:  Jerry
Date:  Tuesday December 5, 2000 9:13:04 AM
Comments:  Wuss up my peoples!!! It is me Jerry from Kean University. Wuss up with the Parties? Did you guys move again? Well Keep in Touch.. Cause I can use some Beer and a FAT Philipino at RU Hungry!!

Date:  Monday August 21, 2000 3:46:21 AM

Name:  Dara
Date:  Friday June 16, 2000 3:39:25 AM
Comments:  Hey ZBT guys. Those of you I know anyway. Remeber me as the girl who wanted to join. Love, Dara

Date:  Saturday January 1, 2000 7:08:38 PM
Comments:  my son adam barker attends rutgers and is a jewish studies major. my younger son jonathan will be attending rutgers next year and will be a premed major and you can reach him through aol. i think you address him as barkman at aol.com

Name:  Augustine Heng
Date:  Monday December 13, 1999 7:05:04 AM
Comments:  I am with the ZBT Beta Tau Colony at Oklahoma State University. All the best !
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